Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Progress update

For the past month I've been working on all the small dimensions the player will get to explore in M&M. Roughly speaking, we're talking about a bulk of four or five locations that make up the middle part of the module. Some can be completed in two minutes, others in half an hour, but they all revolve around a single 'concept' and feature almost no side-quests at all.

I'm almost done with them - I've still got the last one to finish, which will take me perhaps a week. The next item on the list is Winterscale and the second part of the main quest within the city walls, before moving on to the forest of the elves, and finally the Wasteland. Then I'll wrap up the module, which includes the final confrontation where all is revealed and the ending - whether or not it'll be a happy one depends on the choices you made while playing.

Initially I had planned for a summer release, but I've realized it's not longer realistic. If it does happen, it'll be late summer... early fall is more probable though. Even if the module is completed by the end of August, I'm gonna need at least a month to hunt down every single bugs and smooth out all the dialog. Yeah, especially the dialog.

On another note, look at the screenshot I captured while I was testing a cutscene:

That's what I like about this game. You think you've seen everything it has to offer, and you're proven wrong at every turn.

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