Friday, March 30, 2012

Traveling the Multiverse: the Wasteland

And we're back with the third in the series.

This time, the player finds himself in a world where the apocalypse has already taken place. All the major cities have been destroyed, there isn't any civilization to speak of, and the few survivors are hiding out in caves deep underground.

Nice place you've got here.
You can find out what happened exactly if you think you can afford to waste time. In any case, you will have to find a way out and escape the tunnels.

Excuse me, have you seen a way out?
Unfortunately, you'll end up in a deserted wasteland. Under a leaden sky, bones brittle with age are lying in the sand and the air smells of death and decay. Just your luck!
Is it gonna rain or something?
I hope this bridge is solid...
Eventually, you will come upon the ruins of a once mighty city....

Hello? Anyone here?
A tower stands half buried in the middle of the desert... perhaps someone still lives here?

Engulfed by its shadow...
What you'll find inside is best left unsaid...

...and found.
Those creatures on the last screenshot are a lot more deadly than they seem, trust me.

This dimension is the second one in terms of content, with only Winterscale surpassing it. It comes at the end of the module, while Winterscale more or less starts it off, effectively framing the story between two great big chunks of narrative goodness, with smaller and crunchier bits in the middle - which I won't show because they're too small to constitute a whole post, and I'd like to keep some surprises up my sleeve.

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