Thursday, March 22, 2012

Traveling the Multiverse: the Elven forest

Here is the second installment in the series of posts showcasing the different dimensions the player will travel to. Actually, I'm cheating because the Elven forest belongs to the same world as the city shown last week, but it still counts.

A forest inhabited by elves seems to be a staple of many modules, and I explored many in my time as an adventurer, but I always felt they were lacking something. When I first envisioned this part of the module, I knew I wanted my elven forest to feel special. I searched for a way to accomplish that during a long time, and then I stumbled upon the suspended city tileset by Helvene and I knew I had my answer.

Down on the ground.
And up in the trees.
The player will arrive in the elven city while the threat of war is still looming, which will complicate matters. Even if he's an elf, he'll be regarded as a suspicious individual.

All alone in the trees... because I haven't created the NPCs yet.
But the elven kingdom doesn't consist of just their treetop city. No, there are darker, far more dangerous places in the forest, and the PC will have to explore them as well.

My PC is an elf so the forest doesn't seem so dark... but it'd be different for a human.
The giant tree at the center of it all...
The forest also hides its share of ancient temples long forgotten.

The entrance to some elven ruins.
 Temples holding secrets that should perhaps have been left alone...

Yep, those are bones.
Coming right after the bustling streets of Winterscale, this part of the module is designed to give the player a sense of the loneliness he will experience while advancing through the module. He will come in contact with various civilizations and gets to meet a great number of people, but ultimately he stands alone. Unless, of course, he choose to bring along the provided henchman, but I'll save that for another update.

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