Sunday, July 15, 2012

Progress update

This week I've been working on a quest the player can get in two different ways. No matter how the PC stumble upon it, it eventually leads him to a masked ball given at the castle. Behold:

Lots of people and pretty lights.
The area is very laggy on my low-end laptop, which was an added difficulty.

Masks, masks everywhere...

On the bright side, I'm virtually done with Winterscale - I say 'virtually' because I still need to flesh out a few dialog files - and I'm moving on to the elven forest. (Technically both places are in the same dimension but I still count them as separate locations.)

Unlike the city, the elven forest is a pretty straightforward area. I estimate it will take me two weeks to complete it, and then I'll start working on the second-to-last dimension.

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