Thursday, May 10, 2012


When it comes to roleplaying, my motto is "the more, the better".

Since Madness&Magic is a single player module, the only interaction the player will experience will be with NPCs, which is vastly different from what you can find in a multiplayer module. You cannot develop your character the same way, and it's a much more static form of roleplaying. But you can still have fun, hopefully.

I went crazy with dialog options in some cases, drawing inspiration from Planescape Torment - pretty much the greatest game ever in my opinion.

A chat with Death.
I tried to use all social skills, and then some others which are usually left aside, like taunt.

Come with me already, woman!
Note the presence of a [Lie] and [Truth] option. Lying will usually shift your character's alignment toward Chaotic.

I implemented choices in conversations but also in quests. There is always at least two solutions to a given quest, sometimes more.

There also are references to my favorite games here and there. For example, the obligatory talking chicken.

However his name is not Melicamp.
The usual question of the motivation of your character is given a central place in the plot, with numerous NPCs asking what is the driving force behind your actions.

Cartoonishly evil option provided.

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