Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Traveling the Multiverse: Melvin's Island

Here is the fifth installment in the series of posts showcasing the different dimensions the player will travel to.

Foregoing any sort of chronological order, today we'll have a look at the very first world you'll see as a player. When you load the module, you're greeted by a cutscene which looks like that:

No, I won't tell you how long it took me to create it.
I said no.
Alright. It took me one whole week.
Stop laughing!
And then you met Melvin, the annoying wizard who sends you running after the sphere.

Word of advice: be polite.
At the beginning, that's all you'll see of this dimension. Later, if you have advanced enough in the main quest or if you trigger one of  two unrelated quests, you'll get access to the rest of the island.

Even the corridors are stylish.
It's a very small island, and there isn't much to do there.

Bored in 3, 2, 1...
Besides Melvin, there are two other characters you can talk to.

Say hello to the nice dragon.
But the island isn't supposed to work as a dimension to explore. In fact it's your QG, the one place you will come back to often while you explore the rest of the Multiverse. Melvin can sometimes provide a solution to the problems you face out there, and besides, you're safe here... as safe as it gets next to a wizard with inscrutable intentions, anyway.

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