Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Multiverse

In the beginning, Madness and Magic was supposed to be a small project. I wanted to learn to use the toolset so I could get started on my main module - a big, epic adventure where the player can explore different worlds and time periods - but it has since snowballed considerably. Instead of a short module with a slightly humorous storyline, I'm now aiming for a full adventure with tough moral choices and high replaying value. The only missing element is a romance, but I'm saving that for my big module.

I even ended up re-using some of the locations of my as yet unbuilt other module, since ultimately the world where the story takes place is - will be, I should say - the same for both modules: the Multiverse. What's the Multiverse? I hear you ask. Well, the concept itself isn't new, as anyone who has played Planescape Torment can attest to, but I've invented my own version of it. In short, it's a reality where you have multiple planes of existence, all capable of intersecting one another at some point, mainly through the magic of portals. In long...

"So, you want to know what is the Multiverse ? Imagine a target. In the center, we have the world of the Citadel - the capital, if you will. In the next circle, there are the Five Worlds - the suburbs -, which are closely linked to the Citadel. Then the countryside, in which we find worlds more or less involved in the Citadel's business. And finally, the worlds which are of no interest, most of them lacking any form of magic.

Of course, from a purely physical point of view, the Citadel's planet is not really at the center, and the metaphor of a target is not valid, since in reality - according to the experts -, the Multiverse is more like a jar of jam. But that's a theory we'll examine another day..."
Just a litte sample from one of the numerous books you will find in my module.

I think it makes for an interesting module setting because it allows the player to explore some very different worlds, while still being an unified whole. In Madness and Magic, you're basically just passing through those various plans of existence while searching for the sphere. Of course sometimes you'll get stuck and you'll have to deal with the natives, which are not always friendly...

Like this one.
This one is friendly, actually.

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